Boudoir Photo Session: A Gift That Keeps on Giving

When we think of photo shoots involving lingerie and heels, we immediately think of Playboy, Fredrick’s of Hollywood, and xxx videos. But modern boudoir photo shoots have little to do with T & A, and more to do with the body’s silhouette and natural beauty of a woman.

I started doing hair and makeup for boudoir photos shoots in 2006. At that time it was still very new and very intimidating for brides. There weren’t many resources to research what ┬áto wear, how to pose or even what photographers to hire. Now boudoir photo sessions are amongst the most popular gift to give the groom on the wedding night. And it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Things to keep in mind before you book your Boudoir Photo Session-

Make sure your photographer agrees to your privacy, both during the session and after. Discuss the amount of retouching that you want done on your photos. Ask how many wardrobe changes you can do and how much total time your session is. Discuss the location(s) of the shoot. Search the internet, specifically Pinterest for ideas for hair, makeup, attire and posing. Think about any accessories and/or props that might personalize the photo. Do not crash diet before you session, this will reek havoc on your skin and under your eyes. Your photographer should know what poses, angles and lighting will complement your curves. Do a full body exfoliation, this will help your skin glow. Spray tan at least 3 days before your sessions to avoid streaking, blotchiness or a funky skin tone. Drink water and stretch before your session. Being beautiful (modeling) can be quite exhausting! And finally, clean up ‘down there’. While your photographer can retouch the area, spare him/her the task of doing so.

I did this boudoir photo shoot with the lovely Megan McCarty and the talented Sally Butler of La Vie Photography.


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