Bridal Beauty: Skin Care 101

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Brides, I get it. You have a budget to adhere to and spa services seem like a luxury. But what if I told you that visiting an Esthetician is one of the best decisions you could make during your wedding planning process?


Not only will the Esthetician provide you with a customized service; the relaxation benefits and education on how to care for your skin are worth their weight in gold.


I chased down Complexions on Carter’s Esthetician, Kate Williams, to get the 411 on bridal spa services.


Q & A with Kate Williams


Q. What are your most popular services for brides?

A. Our most popular services for brides are waxing (brows, bikini, etc) tinting lashes and brows and a series of facials leading up to the big day.


Q. How far in advance would you suggest a bride calls you prior to her wedding date to achieve the best results?

A. I would suggest if brides are wanting to correct a concern they have with their skin, 6 months in advance would be an ideal time to start facials. But if there are no major concerns, a facial 4 weeks and 2 weeks before a wedding day would be great to achieve glowing skin.


Q. For brides who are prone to breakouts, what products and services do you recommend?

A. I would recommend a series of acne facials for brides who are prone to breakouts. And getting on a consistent skin care regimen for at home care with the appropriate ingredients to help battle breakouts will support the treatments you’re investing in.


Q. Do you have any favorite products you like to suggest to brides?

A. I love our Sal Cleanser, Pro Lite Serum and the Balancing Lotion. Some of our best selling products because they work! You don’t have to overload your skin with too many products. Less is more when you have the right ones.


Q. What should brides avoid in order to maintain healthy, radiant skin?

A. Avoid tanning beds! There are healthier ways to look tan on your wedding day. Self tanners and spray tans have come a long way. Ask me about my favorite self tanners since I’ve tried quite a few!


Q. What do you recommend for dark under eye circles and/or puffiness?

A. To help the under eye area, investing in a effective eye cream is a must. The under eye skin is different than any other skin on our bodies so it needs specific ingredients to help those specific concerns. Also getting plenty of sleep and staying hydrated is key as well.


Q. Tell us more about facial peels – the pros and the cons.

A. Facial peels are a more aggressive treatment. Peels use different forms of acids to chemically exfoliate the skin. There are many forms of peels ranging from gentle to very aggressive. Be cautious about your timing before your wedding if you decide to get a peel because it could leave your skin irritated. When you come in for any treatment, we will consult about your skin and decide what is best for you.


Q. Is there a way to reduce rosacea? (redness)

A. Getting on a gentle and consistent daily skin care regimen (with anti inflammatory qualities) can help reduce rosacea. In more severe cases, topical and oral antibiotics might be prescribed. Rosacea is sometimes triggered by environmental factors as well as lifestyle choices (diet, alcohol consumption, etc.) so identifying those can be beneficial.


Q. Is there a way to reduce pore size?

A. Using products with active ingredients such as Retinol that speeds up cellular turnover can help reduce the appearance of pore size. Getting regular facials with extractions of blackheads can also help.


Q. What are common skin care mistakes?
A. And speaking of extractions, one of the most common skin care mistakes is trying to extract a blemish at home. When done incorrectly, extractions can spread the bacteria, extend the life of the blemish and can cause scarring. I know it’s hard to keep from picking but in the long run, coming in for a facial and letting your esthetician prep the skin before extractions is worth it!


Q. Why is it important to keep the skin hydrated?
A. If your skin is well hydrated, it looks healthier and is less prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Our skin needs to stay hydrated to be able to protect against environmental toxins and dehydration can worsen skin concerns such as acne and eczema. Drink a lot of water throughout the day! Your skin (and your body) will thank you!


Q. What is the quickest way to minimize fine lines and wrinkles?
A. Getting facials on a regular basis that include microdermabrasion and investing in products with plant stem cells and peptides can help minimize fine lines and wrinkles.


Q. What lifestyle changes can improve someone skin?
A. Lifestyle changes that can improve your skin include avoiding the sun and wearing sunscreen on a daily basis, quitting smoking, never tanning in a tanning bed, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and getting adequate sleep.


Q. Take us through, step-by-step, what brides should be doing during their daily at home skincare routine.
A. The basic 4: cleanser, serum, night cream and sunscreen in the morning. Start with an appropriate cleanser. If you’re addressing a skincare concern, a treatment serum would be applied after cleansing. Followed up by a daily moisturizer and a sunscreen in the morning and a heavier moisturizer at night if needed. Masks can be used on a weekly basis. Also don’t go to bed with makeup on, no matter how tired you are! Sometimes it helps to do your skincare routine immediately after getting home in the evenings. Cleansing at night is important for your skin health!


I have had the opportunity to experience a facial with Kate. She’s very skilled at assessing my skin’s needs and gives a crazy good massage. (If you haven’t experienced a facial massage you’re missing out!) A facial massage stimulates the muscles and lymphatic system (removing toxins from cells so that more nutrients can travel in). We have more than 300 pressure points on the face which relate to every organ in our body. Massage increases circulation, alleviates fatigue and activates the body’s natural ability to heal.


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