Baking: Slow Down Your Child’s Brain

I am not afraid to admit that my son loves video games. It started out with Angry Birds and now it’s turned into a full blown obsession with Minecraft.

Concerned that the games were increasing his brain processing speed (hence making it hard to concentrate in school), and understanding the need to help him unplug from technology, I sought out an activity that we could do together that required concentration.

We started baking and it’s made a world of difference.

Baking requires math skills, spatial perceptual skills and coordination skills. It ¬†also requires concentration and focus. Baking promotes independence, confidence, and a sense of agency. It’s also very fun and exciting for kids.

PROS: Provide them their own tools and have them write the recipe on an index card and suddenly you have a child not asking for the phone or the iPad.

CONS: You’ll have an influx of baked goods that are delicious and full of calories.


IKEA’s Duktig 7-piece baking set for Kids, $9.99.

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