My road: Life with Cancer


Written by Angela

I used to be a bit of a bubbly, crazy, soul. In my teen years, my teachers would say to my parents at conferences “Angela is such an enjoyable young lady. She’s always bubbly and happy”. As the years passed, certain life circumstances hardened me and dimmed my light.

When I was 19, I had my first tumor removed at our small town local hospital. It was discovered to be a crazy-rare breed of tumors and then we sort of forgot about it. I healed and went on to live life. I got married when I was 26 and 8 months later, we discovered another tumor grew back where the first was originally removed. I then endured 33 days of radiation while also working a full-time job. After my first round of radiation, my tumors grew back every 2 years, practically like clock work. It was a living hell. Trying to manage a full-time job and struggle to conceive a child drove me to several breaking points. Fortunately I did get pregnant, but the added stress of caring for child while sick with cancer is overwhelming. It ain’t no easy peasy road. But it’s my road.

My Road: Life With Cancer Photo by Bob Heinene

I guess you could say that yes, most days I feel totally blessed to be alive. Other days, the darkness brings me down so far it’s hard to see the light.

Here’s the thing though…everyone, every-single-one-of-us has moments in our lives that make it hard. You might have a cancer (like me…holla!), or your boss sucks and you hate your job, you and your husband are having problems, you can’t manage your money well, or your child is disrespecting you…we ALL have things in life that make it hard. But not everyone is “talking about it”, especially not on social media where we tend to see all the good and exciting snapshots of people’s lives. Social media has us unconsciously and consciously comparing our lives to others. Comparison is the thief of joy.

My Road: Life WIth Cancer

The energy spent on assessing other people’s lives is not productive. Instead we need to use that energy to embrace our struggles, work through them, learn from them, and grow. This process can be done with help from our friends, family, community, and/or a therapist. Seeking out professional help is a sign of strength. It’s ok to admit life is a bitch sometimes and we need guidance.

Don’t ever let life circumstances stifle your authentic self. Because once that’s gone, it is so incredibly hard to get it back. My 19 year battle with cancer tests my strength and faith everyday. But nothing can ever extinguish my light. It’s still there. It’s just a matter of time and effort to make it shine bright again.


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