I’m Back! : And Where I’ve Been

For the past 6 months my life has been in a blender on liquify. In January, I switched from Masters in Business to a Masters in Integrative Health program. I thought taking 4 courses was a good idea (read: bad idea, but I survived). I planned a high school reunion and I started a new health coaching job. The irony is that I just published a book, Beauty in Balancewhich promotes living a calm and balanced life. While I am not the poster child of a calm life, I think I have managed to stay balanced.

I’ve been in the beauty industry for 23 years and I’ll likely be doing hair and makeup until my hands fall off. But in MN, it’s seasonal work. And even if I did move to one of the coasts, I don’t know if I could do it year-round. I’ve been entertaining the idea of becoming a health coach for many years now, and after writing my wellness book, I started searching for health coaching companies. I read about the CEO of Omada Health, Sean Duffy, in Forbes magazine. I loved everything about his vision and how he wants to improve the health of this country. Omada Health is leading the field of online healthcare with behavior-change programs focused on preventing chronic illness and disease. My job is to coach 162 participants (eek!) on creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We focus on nutrition, physical activity, and stress management. It’s all online, which affords me the flexibility to work my other job(s) and to spend time with my son.

I can’t technically call myself a single mother. I have 50% custody of Evan. I will say though, because Evan is an only child, I am his full time playmate. There are days I just want to lounge on the couch and binge watch Netflix, but there he is, pulling out every game piece of Monopoly, begging me to play. I have to force myself to think, Julie, you only get a small window with this child, buck up and give him the childhood that he deserves. The other day he said, “Mom, I really need you to play with me more”.  The next day I received an email from an organization asking me to be in a promotional video about moms who play with their children. I go on camera this Friday and I’m going to be honest- playing with my child does not come naturally for me. I have to put away all distractions (read: my phone), and focus all of my energy on him. We set a timer of 30-60 minutes of uninterrupted play. 10 minutes into playing with him, I’m totally into it. It just takes me a while to shift from the business/healthcare/beauty mind into reenacting Jurassic World with plastic dinosaurs. Studies show that parent-child pretend and physical play is linked with the child’s competence, gross motor skills, peer group leadership and cognitive development. Interactive play can also help a child learn how to regulate their emotions better and can lower their stress chemicals. It’s one thing to intellectually understand the importance of play, it’s another for me to actually going through the motions. It’s something I am constantly working on.

Now that my reunion is over and I am more acclimated into my new job, I shall start blogging again! I am excited to integrate more health and wellness into my beauty posts.  The original Greek meaning of PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is “the love of wisdom”. Hence the blog’s name, BeautyPhD.




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