Finance: The App That Will Keep You (Somewhat) Sane

I used to be so organized when it came to paying my bills. I had a physical filing cabinet that I would religiously file each bill after I paid for it. That was 5 years ago. Now my bills are scattered about my house, in my car, and in my purse. I’d be out at a restaurant, digging for lipgloss in my purse, and pull out my electricity bill. Apparently that’s not classy. Maybe it’s because I am now a mother and business owner, or maybe it’s because I became overwhelmed with life, that I needed to find a better way to keep track of it all.

Introducing Manilla, a fiance app that keep you (somewhat) sane.

“The idea behind Manilla is to empower you to stay on top of your bills and consolidate your financial accounts under one password. There are automatic reminders to ensure that you don’t forget to pay bills and the app offers an organized digital filing cabinet of bills, statements, notices, and offers. That means you can forget about keeping paper copies for your records and just access them via the app whenever you need them. It also handles reward programs and loyalty cards, on top of your standard bank accounts and credit cards.

It’s completely free and the streamlined interface makes it very easy to use. Manilla is effectively a calendar of your bills, so you can always see what’s due to come out of your account and when. It’s also completely secure, as verified by various agencies including VeriSign and McAfee.”

-Manilla website


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