Birchbox: Better Than a Papa John’s Coupon

I discovered Birchbox 2 years ago. A friend of mine from Los Angeles posted beauty items on Facebook that she received in the mail in a pretty box with a bow. I looked up Birchbox’s website and learned about their concept and thought, how clever, deluxe beauty samples by mail (try before you buy). I purchased a yearly subscription ($120/yr. or $10/mo.) and was elated every time I saw the box  on my front doorstep. I didn’t even care what was in it, I was just thrilled to get something other than Papa John’s coupons in the mail. And I was always pleased with at least 2-3 items in the box (they give you a total of 5). I would get samples of products like BlowPro hair care, Color Club nail polishes,  and Jouer lip glosses. Sometimes I would get a square of chocolate, which always reminds me I need more chocolate in my diet.

I was excited to get a referral from a fellow makeup artist, Emily J, about an opportunity to work with Birchbox, Ann Taylor and Cate of Wild Ruffle Blog.  Hell yea I want to do hair/makeup on a fashion blogger with a box full of full sized Birchbox brands! Brittany from Birchbox sent me a big box of love. Some products I was familiar with like Dr. Jarts+ Beauty Balm (which I recommended to one Exec at FOX TV, Los Angeles, and apparently the whole 4th floor is using it now), and Benefit’s They’re Real mascara (ah-mazing) because it’s a cult classic loved by celebrities like Winona Ryder (who by the way I have helped pick out shampoo in my shampoo selling days and she did pay for it). Products that I hadn’t tried but was eager to was foundation by By Terry and Mereadesso Lip Treats. Both were as I expected– easy to apply and look fresh and clean on the skin/lips. And as always, not available via Birchbox (yet), I prepped the skin with Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Active Moisture Serum.


Cate, creator and writer of Wild Ruffle Blog, was a joy to work with. Her down-to-earth personality matched the look I gave her for the photo shoot- effortless and radiant. I used Birchbox’s Captain Blankenship’s Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray to give Cate’s hair some texture and grit (think 2nd or 3rd day dirty hair). I wanted her topknot and style to look disheveled sophisticate (yes, that’s a look, I made it up). And I used the Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm to even out the skin and make it glow.  Noemi Hedrick the photographer and the Ann Taylor team were also amazing to collaborate with.



Read more about Cate’s experience, her product reviews, and about her event tonight at Ann Taylor’s MOA location from 6-8pm here.

Thank you Cate, Ann Taylor, Birchbox and Emily J. for the chance to try new products and to spread the gospel of product sampling. It’s a very smart way to shop.

All photos courtesy of NoemiPhotography.

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