To Crop or Not?

Written by Tracy B

Written by Tracy

I am going to channel my inner Andie Anderson – resident “How To” girl here (seriously if you have not scene How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days stop reading this and go buy it) and write about one of the more important things in life – Fashion!

Lets discuss the current fashion trend that is all over – crop tops. What I find interesting about this trend is that it is a classic example of what was old is new again.

I rocked crop tops like nobodies business in the mid ‘90s, and yes I was a teenager, but what about now? I am in my late 30s and I want to but should I?

Should anyone?

Is there an age limit on crop tops? I secretly hope not – not much of a secret anymore!  But I am slightly obsessed with making this trend work for me.

Is it even feasible for a normal women like myself, I am no longer a size 2 or in my 20s, to wear this trend? Or is this something that Hollywood is doing a damn good job of selling as easy to wear?

I went digging and found that there are a plethora of ways to wear a crop top. Who knew?!

The most popular way to wear the top seems to be with a pencil skirt or high-waisted pant. According to Brad Goreski from E! Fashion Police – the top should hit right below the ribs and the bottom should cover your belly button. Exhibit A:

Crop Top Exhibit A Image source


I am also seeing a number of ways you can wear the top without showing any skin at all. Which I feel is certainly appropriate for any age group. This lovely top from Zara is not only affordable but super cute paired with pants it actually strategically covers your entire midriff. It is flowy, so even if you have a bit of a pouch like me (I swear I do my ab exercises but I just like wine way to much) it hides it extremely well. Exhibit B:


Crop Top Exhibit BImage source

One of the best things I found when researching this trend is you really can wear a crop top regardless of your shape and size.

I was concerned that this trend was setting us back as a society in our quest to love our bodies as they are. Is it excluding the majority of women today who are not a size zero (and don’t want to be!)?

According to this research article in, there is a link between clothing choices and emotional states. Dressing for your body type and feeling confident lead to a better mood and more overall happiness.

Who hasn’t been in a dressing room, trying on ill fitting clothes (why am I a size 4 at one place and a size 10 at another?!) and walked out severely depressed about their appearance – I know I am certainly raising my hand on that one.

So I was excited when I found several places like Forever 21 and H&M that offer both regular and plus size options for this trend. Exhibit C:

Crop Top 3 Exhibit CImage source


So it would appear that this trend is wearable no matter your age or size –the only thing that matters is your comfort level on HOW to wear it. While I may no longer be an Exhibit A type gal I feel confident I can pull of B or C…time to shop!

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