Rocksbox: My Jewelry Intervention


I thought it was humorous when I received an e-mail from the jewelry subscription service, Rocksbox, asking if I’d like to be an ambassador of their brand. It’s funny because I don’t wear jewelry…ever. And if you’ve seen me in jewelry, it probably took me 20 minutes of painful decision making to finally land on a piece that was a total mismatch to my outfit. Just because I’m Asian and in the beauty industry does not automatically equate to good fashion sense. Perhaps the people of Rocksbox are aware of my accessory impairment and this is an intervention.

Rocksbox is a subscription service for designer jewelry, much like Stitch Fix and a little like Rent the Runway. First you take the style survey and add items to your jewelry Wish List. Then Rocksbox sends you 3 pieces in the mail, based on your style and specific requests. You can return your Rocksbox set anytime and as often as you like. Every box has 3 pieces of designer jewelry, worth an average of $200 per set. If you like any of the pieces,  you can buy them. It’s $19/month and it’s prepaid shipping both ways. It takes very little effort and no commitment–which is how I like to roll.

Give it a try. Use the the code julieswensonphdxoxo and get one month free.

*pictured, the set I received in the mail this month. I’m loving the House of Harlow earrings.



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