Tieks Ballet Flats: Ok Facebook, I’ll Buy Them

I remember owning a pair of Sam + Libby flats when I was in the 9th grade. I also owned a pair of clogs. When I had to choose between the two, the clogs would always win (with a school full of leggy Scandinavians, I needed the extra 1 1/2 inches). As a 14-year-old I chose fashion over function. But those days are over. Now I am all about comfort. And while I know that men prefer heels, I challenge them to stand and do hair for 5 hours, then walk the aisles of Target to pick up Nut Thins, then run up and down flights of stairs trying to locate car keys/cell phone/water bottle. I am positive men would do exactly what we do at the end of a day in heels- walk through the door, rip them off of our feet, and throw them across the room as if they were on fire or infected with an STD. If the shoes are designer, we pause for a minute after chucking them, gently pick them up, check for bruises, put them into their dust bag, pet the dust bag (nice Prada, pretty Prada), and close the closet door.

I started seeing advertisements for Tieks “Ballet Flats Reinvented” on Facebook a few years ago. I thought gross, what kind of designer shoe company markets on Facebook? But then I began noticing fashion bloggers rave about them and recently Oprah endorsed them (did she see them on Facebook too?). I have caved. I have just purchased my first pair of Tieks  and am patiently awaiting their arrival. Tieks claim to be “the most versatile ballet flats in the world, they are the only shoe that truly lives at the intersection of portability, comfort, durability and style”. Now mind you, I am very loyal to Prada scrunchie flats. I live in them to the point that one pair reads Pada because the R is my middle toe poking through. Tieks are half the price of Prada, but are they as comfortable? We shall see.


Italian Leather Tieks by Gavrieli in Ballerina Pink. $165

Photo Courtesy of Tieks. com

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