Alex has degrees in fashion merchandising, journalism and dance. She works as a nanny for 3 children and on a family podcast. She enjoys participating in local bike and running races, cooking and baking healthy versions of unhealthy things and is always learning about health and wellness. She and her husband have 2 dogs that they take an unreasonable amount of pictures of.


Trina mom

Trina is a mother and wife by day, labor supporting doula and photo booth carnie by night.  She has attended over 100 births and could never get tired of seeing a newborn for the first time.  Trina grew up in Minnesota but met her husband Jason while working as a white water rafting guide in Colorado.  They are now living on the central coast of California with their 2 children.  They have been fortunate enough to have experienced the darkness and beauty of foster care and adoption.  Their 12 yr old daughter is part-time homeschooled through a hybrid charter program, and their 4 yr old son is in preschool where he wears his “fastest” shoes and shirts.  Trina loves people, nature, chocolate, photography, music, and grandma’s pancakes.  Even though her heart’s desire is always to show love and care for our fellow humans, she once made a shady car salesperson cry.


Angela is a wife, mama, and a 20 year cancer survivor. She’s had many beautiful, happy moments in her life, and unfortunately, many difficult too.  She is learning to ride each wave and accept them all for what they are. She enjoys trying new things, including researching, making and using natural remedies for her family, the benefits of living a healthier, happier life, and when times get tough, she lets her faith guide her. In her spare time she loves to read, crochet and teach her daughter how to sew.


Tracy  is a fashion enthusiast who thinks Pinterest is about the best thing to happen in the last five years. She works at an advertising agency by day but is obsessed with the world of fashion, celebrity and everything in-between.  She is contributing to this blog as someone who loves to stay up on the current trends, research fashion and beauty and how it can work for everyone.