Silicone: Good For Boobs, Cupcakes and (Sometimes) Beauty Products

I often receive beauty 911 calls, such as,

Emergency: “Help! My skin is breaking out in hives? What do I do?” 
Solution: “Change your diet to include more Vitamin B, C and E-rich foods and avoid foods that high in histamine.” (It worked.)
Emergency: “Help! My flat iron broke. I need a new one.”
Solution: “Buy the Chi Turbo.”
Emergency: “My hair is thinning. What products should I use?” 
Solution: “Aveda’s Invati Shampoo and Conditioner- the best hair growth shampoo on the market,.” 

I received this 911 message today:

Emergency: “I have started to get greasy hair in the last 6 months and prior to this point in my life, I’ve never had it. turns out the products I’ve used are full of silicone… but I don’t know where to go for non-silicone products. Help!”

Before answering this damsel in distress, I want to make it clear that I am not a silicone hater. Silicone can be our friend. It can  boost your bra size and can help your cupcakes from sticking to the pan.  But you need to know the purpose of silicone and if it’s a fit for your hair type.

SILICONE’S PURPOSE- it retexturizes the hair leaving it smooth and shiny. It coats the hair to make it easy to comb through. It’s reduces frizz and repels moisture throughout the day (moisture can cause frizziness). It acts as a thermal protectant, reducing heat damage to the hair. Some silicones are water-soluable, some are not.

SILICONE’S DRAWBACKS- it can be tough to remove silicone from the hair, creating build-up. Thus making it tough to style the hair.

SILICONE’S VISCIOUS CYCLE- silicone attract particles in the air, making hair feel dirty.  Dirty hair equals more hair washing = more stripping hair of its natural oils =a dehydrated hair and scalp. The scalp reacts by producing more oil= greasy hot mess, and suddenly you’re stuck in a never ending cycle.

WHO IS A SILICONE CANDIDATE? Those with chemically compromised hair (a.ka. damaged hair) will benefit from a silicone-based product. Those who do a lot of thermal style (blowdrying, thermal irons). Or those who like to use a dry shampoo and don’t need to wash their hair everyday.

Here’s the solution for my greasy haired friend.

Living Proof Hair Products (Sephora, Nordstrom). These products are silicone-free and have a unique molecular structure that changes the way your hair behaves (think Christian Grey-like domination, but for your hair). Read more about Living Proof on a previous post of mine here. Plus Jennifer Aniston is their spokesperson and she’s kind of cute.


I also recommend the following silicone, paraben and sulfate free shampoos/conditioners:

Kiehl’s Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo ($18, Nordstrom). While Kiehl’s doesn’t employ the same type of advanced technology in their formulations, they are a tried and true brand that have been around for 160 years.


Curly Hair try Deva Curl ($18.95, Ulta). All of my curly haired girlfriends swear by this product. Plus they call the Shampoo “Poo” and that’s funny.


And while you’re hair is getting back in balance try one of my favorite Dry Shampoo’s Batiste ($7.99, Ulta).


For more detailed information on Silicone in hair products check out this SELF article here.



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