Beauty 911: Your Face for under $75

I recently received this Beauty 911 message from a former bride of mine:

I have $75 to spend at Sephora. What do I need? It’s the simple life these days. Mascara, blush, eyeshadow, maybe liner if I feel fancy. Help!

Dear Fancy Face,

Spending only $75 at Sephora is no easy feat. That’s like trying to only buy two things at Target. Per your request to ‘keep things simple’, I suggest the following:

This 6-minute $75 easy breezy face consists of Beauty Balm, Blush, Bronzer, Liner, Mascara and Lip Balm.

Boscia Beauty Balm Cream—This is a 5-in-one-product that self-adjusts to complement your skin’s undertone. It will hydrate, prime, cover, firm and protect your skin. $18 for the 1 oz size.


NARS Blush and Bronzer Duo– my favorite bronzer, Laguna, is paired with the blush color of your choice. Use the bronzer as a contour shade (under the cheekbones, around the hairline, jawline and neck) or use it to give you a sunkissed glow (a little on the forehead, high cheekbones, tip of the nose, chin and neck). Apply the blush at the apples of your cheeks and sweep upward. Choose the pocket size for $24. Limited Edition.


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Double Ended Eye Pencil —Use the lighter color at the lash line and flip over and use the darker color on your upper waterline (the fleshy skin under your lash line). This is called double lining and will give you the ultimate definition.

Tip: You can smudge the light color upwards to create more color on the lid in lieu of an eyeshadow, then go over it again with the same color at the lash line. $16.


Benefit They’re Real! Mascara— this really does what it says. It gives length, volume, lifts and curls your lashes all in one fell swoop. No smudging and no clumps. $10 for the .14 oz size.


Smith’s Rosebud Salve in a Tube— the cure-all for all things that need some TLC. Put it on your lips, your elbows, your butt… (it minimizes diaper rash). $6 for .5 oz.


Voila! $74.00!  Now you can’t come crying to me that you’ve spent too much money at Sephora and don’t have any thing to show for it.



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