Beauty 911: Eyebrow Products

I recently received this beauty 911 alert from a former bride of mine:

My beautiful red-headed mother recently decided to stop dying her hair and let her gorgeous grey shine through. I think it looks great, but one thing that bothers her is that her eyebrows also went grey. They are so light that she almost looks like she has no eyebrows! Do you have any specific recommendations of products for eyebrow pencils and such. She’s never really been a make up maven and doesn’t even know where to start. Any advice would be great, even to just get us pointed in the right direction.

I have found most women prefer pencils to define and shadow powders to enhance . It sounds like her mother has brows (hair), but just needs to add color and enhance them.

Here are my recommendations for brow enhancing products:

The Eyebrow King (Damone Roberts) and Eyebrow Queen (Anastasia), both of Beverly Hills, are my go-to people when I want to learn more about brow art or need to stock up on brow products. Damone’s client list includes Madonna and Beyonce. Anatasia’s includes Oprah and Jennifer Lopez.  Their powder shadow colors are foolproof and long-lasting.

Anastasia’s Brow Powder Duo $24, Sephora Why 2 powder colors? Try the dark color from arch to outer corner and light color in the inner corner. Or blend together to customize the perfect match.


Damone Roberts Brow Shadow, $20,, Blowdry! Blow Dry Bar or ExtradosWhy are there so many shades with an ash undertone? The hair follicle is inherently gray. It gets its natural color from a type of pigment called melanin. The formation of melanin begins before birth (we go “back to” gray over time because we stop producing melanin). Unless your hair color is dyed a darker color with warmer tones (red, auburn) you generally want to use eyebrow powders with your natural hair follicle undertone- ash.

“Girl, I don’t have 20 dollars to spend on brow powder.”

Ok. Then try ELF. The makeup brand found at Walgreens. They have some decent products and their eyebrow kit ($3) is a consumer favorite. One side is wax (applied first) to hold the brows in place, the other side is the powder to add color and set. There are 4 shades to choose from.



Or try NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, $5.99, Ulta.  The wax is clear and it has 2 powders in the kit. There are 6 shades to choose from.

NYX products are often found on Pinterest in the “dupe” category (same for less). Check out Makeup Alley’s Pinterest Dupe Board here.


But Don’t Forget the Brush!

A stiff angle brush with spooly like Anastasia’s, $18, Ulta will make your job easier.


The spooly combs the hair in place and the stiff angle expertly places the shadow in place with little fall out (sprinkle). *The stiffer or denser the brush, the more product it will lay down.*

“Girl, I don’t have 20 dollars to spend on no spooly.”

Ok. Then try NYX Brow Brush, $5, Nordstrom. Similar to Anastasia’s brush w/o the spooly but only 5 bucks.


I hope this post helps the ‘no brow’ mama or anyone that is needing a little brow love. For more expert advice check out these local brow experts:

Kae @ Brow Chic, St. Paul

Christina and Brook @ Blink for Beauty,  North Loop Minneapolis

Edwin @ Haus Salon, South Minneapolis

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